This web site plan is designed to get you online with a web site in about a month. It is ideal to start off with a simple site and populate it over time. When your site is ready you can announce your website, search engines will find it, and users will be able to find you. Once your site is available you can continue developing it with extra features.

The process is as follows:
  1. We have a meeting to discuss the information architecture requirements and design vocabulary.
  2. Sieben Design develops an estimate and payment structure. If you are ready to proceed, a contract is drawn up, agreed upon and signed by both parties (payment of website downpayment must occur before any development begins).
  3. Your domain is purchased along with a hosting plan.
  4. Sieben Design goes off and creates two options for design. We send the design via email, or put it up on a temporary web page for you to review.
  5. You give your comments on the design.
  6. Sieben Design uses your comments to finalize the design.
  7. You approve the final design, you are allowed one round of minimal changes, free of charge.*
  8. Sieben Design builds a web site site.Your site is ready
  9. We will provide half a days training to a maximum of three people. We will provide 30 days telephone support to help you get started with your web site.
*For this process to go smoothly it is essential that you provide us with detailed information and site text.

  • Your cooperation is essential to the prompt completion of your site. Failure to participate in the timely correspondence that we require will place your project at lower priority. Continued negligent correspondence will result in a re-evaluation of the project, and possible termination (without refund).
  • Any significant changes to the initial site plan will be evaluated as separate projects and billed as website maintenance(this is evaluated on a per cases basis and Sieben can waive said charges at their discretion).
  • In order to facilitate a smooth process, we need your clear and decisive approval of the design/data structure. If this process necessitates excessive meetings and consultation, your initial site estimate will need to be adjusted.