Yoga One

"Our experience with Sieben Design and Noah Spahn has been nothing but positive and utterly satisfying. Noah is a talented individual who delivers work on time or ahead of schedule. Best of all, he is a wonderful and honest individual. We enjoy working with him and look forward to a long, fruitful partnership. The ethics of Sieben Design and Noah Spahn is directly in line with the philosophy of yoga: Do what is best in any given moment. Noah and company are always doing what is best. And we appreciate his efforts on our behalf. Highly recommended!"
~ Michael Caldwell (Owner, Instructor)
Yoga One

Sieben design created poster size promotional graphics that display Yoga One as it has appeared "In the News". Each graphic displays the sense of a magazine or newspaper clipping, and we empasized the areas that mentioned Yoga One.

Sieben has also assisted in various marketing campaigns for Yoga One. Including a personalised follow up for recent attendants.

More recently, Sieben Design was asked to create a very simple shopping cart solution that could be client maintained. Noah Spahn was able to get them set up with a free online commerce solution literally 'overnight'. The result is the 'Store' section of the Yoga One website, which is entirely maintained by the owners of Yoga One.

Yoga One is also the place where employees of Sieben Design go to unwind and get low-impact, aerobic exercise.