Windmill Carlsbad

Windmill Carlsbad

While contracting with the Corky McMillin Companies, I was asked to design a website interface for a new community that they would be developing in Carlsbad.

The target audience of this community (and the website) would be families who value the outdoor life that San Diego has to offer. I evaluated the project as having three required visual messages to convey:

  • distinct features of Carlsbad
  • family togetherness
  • the style of a pre-existing Windmill logo

In addition to these requirements, I decided that it would not hurt to keep the McMillin Companies corporate look.

I solved the aforementioned design problems by choosing a image of kids for the splash page, decorating the entire website with a clean and fun 'sketch' appearance that had distinct similarities to McMillin's home page. Furthermore, by using header images of items that are characteristic of Carlsbad and yet universally appealing I was able to give the site just the look and feel that the clients were after.

The project was eventually postponed, but not before I approval of these design specs! I came up with a total of four website designs, but these two were the winning choices of everyone on the committee.