Supernatural Fitness

"Working with Sieben Design is truly an enjoyable experience.

The business cards that they designed for me were perfectly representitive of me, my business and the feeling that I wanted to express. Noah Spahn's ideas are fresh, creative and visually stunning. Many people have commented on how nice my business cards are, and several people have asked for Noah's number for their upcoming design needs.

In addition to Noah's artistic excellence, his integrity, work ethic and attention to my needs as a customer were truly refreshing. I will definitely consult Noah (Sieben Design) for any future graphic/web design needs."

- Chris O'Loughlin
Supernatural Fitness

Chris O'Loughlin approached Sieben with the idea of a corporate make-over- a new and eye catching brochure. Sieben was only more than happy to promote the idea of health and well being through diet and exercise. Knowing that a new corporate identity must begin with a branding, and a good place to begin a brand is with a logo.

The logo that we decided on for Chris is not your traditional ‘logo’; it is full of energy and life, just like Chris! Turns out that the ‘logo’ graphic that we did for Chris (Super Natural Fitness) was so successful that it could be used in lieu of a brochure. We have placement in all of the local fitness spots and health food stores, and he has experienced very positive results from it.

Here is an example of his graphic put to use on his full color business card. Chris found a printer that he wanted to work with and Sieben Design worked with the printer to ensure that the graphics would be perfect, and that Chris would get the results that Chris wanted.