San Diego Drafting

Dear Sieben Design,
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated,your help in getting my web site designed and opperating. From your guidance with the text to your great sense of layout design your team was helpful, responsive and courteous throughout. I look forward to continued involvement as my company grows.

Mike Filipponi, Owner/Drafter
San Diego Drafting

Mike Filipponi approached Sieben Design for information about what it would take to get his business online. We were happy to tell him all that we could about what would be required to get him online, and layout all of the options that were available to him.

A few months later, he came back to Sieben ready to jump into the 'entry level package'. We spent a week developing several layouts for him to choose from. He really liked the simple and unique quality of the design that he chose, and a week later his website was complete.

This website features a Standards Compliant Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) layout, and Standards Compliant XHTML markup. Sieben developed a contact form that hides the recipient's email and blocks most automated fraudulent solicitation attempts.

Flood Church San Diego

Turn around on the project was very quick - especially for the high quality of markup.

~ Cameron Perry
Flood Church San Diego

This site was created by a team of ridiculously talented volunteers: Cameron Perry created a custom Content Management system to fill this website with content and manage assets such as images. Chad Martin created a fabulous design which communicates the message that this church is stylish and hip.

My contribution to this project was to create the markup code to make Chad's design into a web page that could be populated by Cameron's Content Management System. I took a PSD (PhotoShop Document) from Chad and created an XHTML valid page that was turned into a Smarty Template for this website. We used templates to encapsulate the design, allowing for changes to be made in one location.