Medical Illustrations

"Sieben really did an expert job setting up Computer Generated 3D illustrations for demonstrating my advice for proper sleep positions. These images are key to my demonstrations page at the end of the Sleep-Position Hand-out. I use this hand-out daily for patients I see in my offices and for the reproduction on my websites.

Sieben really did a quality production of my logo for Simple-Ergonomics. It is part of the Brochure for my new Pain Consultation/ Pain Management office. I am using it in talks that I give and plan to add it to my handouts as I update them."

John S. Gillick, MD, MPH
Diplomat American Boards of Internal Medicine, Anesthesia and Preventive Medicine, Certified in Occupational Medicine UCSD Voluntary Clinical Professor of Medicine and Anesthesia
Medical Illustrations

After investigating several possibilities, it was decided that the best way to create medical illustrations is with the mathematical precision of a computer. However, an isometric grid of lines and bezier curves do not adequately suffice to convey body position.

The solution that Sieben implemented involved creating a virtual model of the human form honing a realistic body position, then vector tracing the output image to acieve a dynamic looking illustration of Simple Ergonomics!