Liberty Station

Liberty Station

This was a very fun project because it was all about making improvements to an existing site.However, it has since been re-done and very little of my work remains on the site. The following were my contributions.

Design Improvements

I took the basic layout and visually enhanced it by integrating several elements that are common to modern progressive designs. A basic color scheme with a strong presence of navy blue added the continuity that was previously lacking. Adding a bit of contrast to help focus the visitor's attention on the elements of the site by adding points of interest. Softly beveled button elements added a modern look to the site.

Adobe Flash Interactive Applications and Animations

I am very proud of the Flash Scripting that i made for this site, namely the Interactive Tenant Map among others.

Code Improvements

The website was originally created using Dreamweaver templates, extensive use of nested tables and inline JavaScript. Rather than use my billable time to start from scratch and rebuild the underlying structure of the site, I decided to keep the tables and template and improve upon it. This improvement began by extracting the JavaScript functions to externally linked files. JavaScript DOM written elements were replaced by HTML elements. Keywords and other SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics were added to the meta-tags and throughout the site. The original horizontal navigation menu was previously written entirely in JavaScript (thus, practically invisible to search engines). A new menu was created using a Style Sheet solution. The accordion Tenant menu that I created took on several forms. The first some of the solutions included: a yui animated menu, as well as a moo tools 'Mighty Accordion' menu. In the end, jQuery was the menu that all of the project contact people liked best

We decided to display some dynamic content on the html index page by scripting an RSS parser in ASP (displayed via an iframe). Another use of iframes is the custom scripted banner advertisement system which is displayed on the Tenant Map Page and the Liberty Station index page