Bobby Barrett Foundation

Bobby Barrett Foundation

This site was a lot of fun to create, especially since we knew that all of our efforts were going towards a very noble cause- a Foundation that assists those in need.

Danielle got the project started by looking at the websites of similar foundations, collecting and strategically analyzing the data. She then turned the raw data into a plan for the website.

We really challenged ourselves to exceed our previous level of excellence in creating this website. We tested several technologies, many of which were not used in the final product.

In order to have a more stream-line Application Programming Interface (API), we installed PEAR on our development servers and used the QUICKFORMS class. While the class did provide an easy interface for creating forms with automatic (client-side) data validation, it did not merge well with our Smarty Template System and for the sake of time we had to set that technology aside.

The Content Management System is where most of our developing time was spent. It is password protected, and allows the website owner to create new announcements (which are automatically time stamped) and add photos that relate to the announcements. The news announcements are instantly added to the Foundation's RSS feed. The website owner has complete control over the Foundation Guestbook, to delete unwanted entries and block specific IP addresses from posting. The Guestbook includes a spam blocker and bad-word filter.

Unfortunately this site is no longer online.