Adan Spahn Photography

"My experience with Sieben, has been an answer to prayer. Noah and his staff have guided me through every step of developing my site."
~ Adan Spahn
Adan Spahn Photography

This site has a CSS layout that is implemented with the Smarty templating engine. The templating system is almost always the way to go since it separates design and programming. This is of great advantage since designers and programmers rarely agree (the arguement of form vs. function). More importantly, the separation of design (layout) and programming allows for minimal work in the event of a re-design. The entire layout can be overhauled without ever even opening the code files that handle the information (page content).

This site can be updated and maintained by the client through a secured Content Management System. The client is able to create, edit and delete photo sessions.The site was designed to be coded to standards without any tables used in the layout; however, two compromises had to be made.

First, the main image on the index page has a dynamic watermark put on it, is optimized and resized (all through PHP). In order to perform this amazing dynamic image creation it was necessary to markup the image code in such a way that the index page wasn't to standards.

The second issue wasn't really a compromise in standards comlpliance as much as it was just a diversion from the goal of being an entirely CSS site. As the saying goes: "Tables are for tabular data!", so when it came to creating the archive page- it was painfully obvious... put the data in a table.