About Sieben Design

Sieben Design is a website development studio and design agency and based in San Diego, California. The core of our expertise lies in the unique combination of strong visual attraction and solid technical development.

All of the websites that we create are hand-coded towards W3C standards. This offers several benefits:
  • Your site can be found more easily by search engines
  • Your site will be accessible to those with disabilities (browsing the web with assistive technologies), making it compliant with the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act).
  • Valid code: We strive to create sites with valid code, making them viewable in a variety of browsers with a variety of operating systems. Don't limit your customer base to those with the latest Microsoft ® software - valid code ensures that your site looks spectacular, regardless of which operating system or browser is involved!

While we have predominately utilized the PHP language, we now prefer to develop all projects using Ruby on Rails. We also have experience in many other languages including Actionscript (the language of Macromedia Flash), JavaScript and ASP.

See our profiles below.

Noah Spahn

As the founder of Sieben Design, Noah has a part in every aspect of the company. His work experience touches on areas as broad and varied as fas...

Danielle Spahn

With a masters degree in public administration, Danielle is the administrative genious behind Sieben Design, she sets the schedules, prepares the...