Powershell journey

I was recently tasked to connect to RabbitMQ via powershell, I am not a fan of microsoft technologies but I do enjoy being employed so I approached the task with vigor and enthusiasm. The interesting part is that RabbitMQ has an API for .NET but not powershell. Additionally since powershell is case-insensative, it doesn't support importing non-CLS (common language specification) compliant libraries. This will make for an interesting project, I will post more as I encounter it.
2012-10-26 21:48:20

Android introduction and overview

If you are a programmer who enjoys programming in Java, and you are interested in frameworks and programming for alternative platforms. You might enjoy programming for the Android platform. Chances are that if you are already a programmer and enjoy Java, that you already have Java installed on your system and learning Android programming will only be a matter of picking up the framwork and learning what shortcuts it has to offer you, and the meaning of 'intents'.

Why should programmers keep learning?
2011-08-29 17:32:42

Open Audit: the automation of network inventory :: Noah Spahn UCCSC 2009

There are many ways to keep track of your IT inventory. We have experienced great success with an Open Source solution that can automate the process of managing the inventory of a network. It can tell you what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes. It works with Windows, Mac and Linux systems and can be customized to work in most network environments. Take a look at the presentation that Noah gave at UC Davis on June 16, 2009.